50 Project Topics for Chemical Engineering [Part 4]

Being a chemical engineer, your project areas can be from transforming energy, electronics, food, clothing, and paper. These production processes have positive and negative effects, so they need to consider the well-being of their workers and consumers while the process is the core content. We have collected a list of project topic ideas for you to research further to decide on your Chemical Engineering project. Here is part 4 of the series.

Synthetic Studies On Triacontanol-A Plant Growth Regulator
Treatment Of Industrial Waste Water Containing Heavy Metal Ions By Non-Conventional Methods
Cashewnut Sheel Liquid And Its Resin As Sand Core Binder
Sonication – A Method Of Cell – Analysis
Multiple Spouted Bed Reactor Investigations
Bioleaching Of Copper From Chalcopyrites Using Bacteria
Deep learning methods for metabolite identification from high-resolution LC-MS data.
Pyrolysis Of Agro Waste And Production Of Charchol Clay Briquettes For Environmental-Friendly Cooking In Rural Areas
Dynamics Of Sparging
Decolorisation Of Dye Waste Water By Adsorption On Alumina Adsorbent
Rotating Basket Reactor
Preparation Of Zsm-05 Zeolites For Kinetic Studies
Activated Carbon -From Coconut Shell Using A Fluidised Bed Reactor
Studies On Reduction Precipitation Methods For Chromium Removal From Effluents
Supercritical Fluid-based Study of Molten Sulphur Penetration in Ceramic Materials

Effect of electric field on neurons
Manufacture Of Iodised Salt
Impregnation of drugs in biocompatible polymers for slow release
Low-Cost Viscometer
Energy Exchange Effectiveness Enhancement Evaluation In Domestic L P G Burners
Recovery Of Nickel From Spent Catalyst
Treatment And Reutilisation Of Medical Waste
Understanding of Raindrops under electric fields
Preparation Of Coconut Honey From Matured Coconut Water
Manufacture Of Nicotine Sulphate From Tabacco Waste
Studies On Techniques Of Traditional Chalk Making
Toxicity Studies Of Heavy Metals On Cirrhinus mrigala
Devulcanization of rubber
Agglomeration Of Iron Ore Dust Fines Using Waste Calcia And Fly Ash Dust Fines
Rotocell Extraction Of Pongamia Oil And Conversion Engineering

Production Of High-Quality Liquid Soap By Enzymatic Method
Studying global water sustainability using an integrated model
Modelling diffusion in li-ion battery active materials
Modelling immune response in diabetic patients to evaluate effects of co-morbidity during covid infection
Extraction Of D-Limonene From Sweet Orange Peels
Designing for circular bioeconomy transition
Preparation Of Commercial Carbon Components From Solid Plastic Waste
Refining Of Used Lube Oils
Preparation And Comparative Evaluation Of Activated Carbon
Preventive Maintenance Scheduling using Markov Chain Analysis
Cementitious Material From Rice Husk And Sea Shells
Effect Of Fluoride Ion Concentration In Water, Surface Soil And Vegetation Of Three Fluoride-Affected Villages In Harihar Taluk Of Davangere District
Extraction Of Silica From Burnt Paddy Husk
Low-Cost D Fluridatio Using Bricks
Modelling the disease state of fibrosis
Textile Wastewater Treatment And Color Removal Using Sugarcane Bagasse
Investigation On Particle Board From Waste Wood Powders
Biodiesel Production Using Hydrodynamic Cavitation Technique
Investigation Of Pool Boiling Regimes

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