50 Project Topics for Chemical Engineering [Part 5]

Being a chemical engineer, your project areas can be from transforming energy, electronics, food, clothing, and paper.

These production processes have positive and negative effects, so they need to consider the well-being of their workers and consumers while the process is the core content. We have collected a list of project topic ideas for you to research further to decide on your Chemical Engineering project. Here is part five of the series.

Li-ion Battery: Modeling impedance response
Study Of Mixing Process In Stirred Vessel Reactors
Recovery Of Silver From Waste X-Ray Solution
Development of a quadrupolar trap for investigating ice formation and cloud electrification
Development Of Defluoridizing Filter Candle Potable Water
Pulp For Handboards From Arecanut Husk
Hull Cell – An Invaluable Analytical Tool In Electroplating
Production Of Vitamin B12 From Molasses
Microwave Assisted Chemical Reactions
Investigation Of Filimwise And Dropwise Condensation

Corrosion Behaviour Of Electrodeposited Zinc – Nickel Alloy
Analysis Of Water Melon Seeds As A Cost-Effective Water Purifier
Investigation Of Heat Pipe
New biological insights by mapping of metabolomics data to metabolic pathways and by generating qualitative models
Treatment Techniques For the Production Of Mineral Water
Composites Of Commercial Value From Solid Waste Recycled Material
Bio-Diesel From Wvo
Recovery Of Silver From Photographic Film Waste
Handmade Paper From Bagasse
Investigations On Catalytic Production Of Biogas From Rice Straw For Power Generation
Custard Apple Seed Oil As a Pesticide
Photo Biological Hydrogen Production
Isolation And Identification Of Antidiabetic Agent From Garuga Pinnata Roxb
Ground Water Exploration In An Industrial Estate Near Near Baikapady

Novel Approach For The Optimisation Of Parameters And Economic Evaluation For Effluent Treatment Of Dairy Plant
Ethyl Cellulose From Bagasse
Study Of Composting Using The Liquids Effluent And Solid Waste Materials Of the Sugar Industry
Biosorption Of Chromium Using Hydrilla And Comparison With Yeast Biomass: Column Studies
Pesticide Paint
Rayon Grade Pulp From Banana Fibres
Thermal studies of polyethene-grafted polysilsesquioxane nanocomposite
Removal Of Ni(Ii) Ions From Aqueous Solution Using Agricultural Waste: Adsorption On A Fixed-Bed Column
Study On The Feasibility Of U Conventional Thickness Used As Thicking Agent For Silk Printing
Design And Development Of Solar Powered Micro Gas Brazing Unit
Chitin And Protein From Prawnshell Waste
Production Of Card Board From Rice Husk

About these project topic ideas:

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