Radio Frequency Bands

Radiofrequency (RF) bands are segments of the electromagnetic spectrum used for transmitting data wirelessly

Field Programmable Gate Array – FPGA

Explaining the technology - FPGA is a reconfigurable integrated circuit that allows users to customize digital logic circuits for various applications, offering flexibility and adaptability in hardware design.

Advanced Wireless Communications Technologies 2024 🛜

Advanced wireless communication technologies, such as 5G and Wi-Fi 6, have revolutionized our daily lives by delivering faster internet speeds, reducing latency, and increasing network capacity. This advancement enables uninterrupted connectivity, improves the capabilities of IoT, and enhances efficiency in fields such as healthcare, business collaboration, and entertainment.

ARM-Based Embedded Web Server

An ARM-based embedded web server refers to a web server that runs on an embedded system or device powered by an ARM processor architecture. ARM processors are commonly used in various embedded systems, including IoT devices, routers, industrial control systems, and more.

Bio Battery seminar report, abstract

Seminar topic Biobattery, which is an energy accumulated device that is motorized by organic compounds, usually glucose, like glucose in human blood.

Face Liveness Detection (liveness face recognition) Seminar Report

Face Liveness Detection technology is a critical security measure within face recognition systems, differentiating between real human faces and fake ones generated by spoofing techniques, thereby enhancing the overall reliability and effectiveness of face recognition technology against unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

Dynamic Spectrum Access Technology Seminar Topic Abstract, Report.

Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) is a wireless communication concept that allows for dynamic and real-time access to available spectrum resources. This abstract provides an overview of DSA, emphasizing its key aspects such as spectrum efficiency, cognitive radio, spectrum databases, spectrum sharing models, interference mitigation, regulatory considerations, increased spectrum utilization, and practical applications. DSA aims to … Continue reading "Dynamic Spectrum Access Technology Seminar Topic Abstract, Report."

Secure Communication Technology Seminar Topic Abstract, Report.

Secure communication technology in radio wireless networks is a critical aspect of ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of data transmitted over the airwaves. This abstract provides an overview of the key elements involved in securing radio wireless communication, including encryption, authentication and key exchange protocols, wireless security protocols, access control mechanisms, RF jamming detection, … Continue reading "Secure Communication Technology Seminar Topic Abstract, Report."