50 Project Topics for Chemical Engineering [Part 3]

Being a chemical engineer, your project areas can be from transforming energy, electronics, food, clothing, and paper. These production processes have positive and negative effects, so they need to consider the well-being of their workers and consumers while the process is the core content. We have collected a list of project topic ideas for you to research further to decide on your Chemical Engineering project. Here is Part 3 of the series.

Microwave-Assisted Transesterification Of Karanja Oil For The Production Of Biodiesel
Extraction Of Oils And Jellose From Tamarind Seeds
Study Of Mixing Process In Baffled Reactor Vessels
Design And Fabrication Of Variable Weight Rotometer
Energy Drinks From Coconut
Energy Exchange Effectiveness Enhancement Evaluation In Domestic Lpg Burners
Extraction Of Oil From Oil Seeds Using Percolation Technique
Design, Fabrication And Testing Of Microbial Fuel Cell
Extraction Of Super Sweet Steviol Glycosides From Stevia Leaves
Biosorption Of Chromium By Aspergillus Niger
Paper Pulp From Groundnut Shell
Development Of An Innovative Low-Cost Unit For the Evaluation Of Noise Pollution
Extraction Of Mint Oil From Mint
Investigation To Conserve Potable Water
Removal Of Colour And Cod By Electrochemical And Electrocoagulation(Ec) Process From Distillery Spent Wash

Purification Of Gaseous Pollutants Using Biofiltration Technique
Citric Acid From Molasses
Preparation Of Heptaldehyde And Undecylenic Acid From Castor Oil
Caffeine From Waste Tea And Coffee
Studies On Linas Distillation Column
Systematic Evaluation Of Drilling Mud
Good Quality Paper From Waste Paper
Development Of Smoke Evaluation Instrument For Environmental Investigation
Determination Of Viscosity Of Liquids And Liquid Mixture
Studies On Paddy Drier
Study On Electrochemical Reactions
Alcohol From Potatoes And Agriculture Waste
Utilisation Of Banana Fibre For Making Wrapping Paper

Utilisation Of Flyash From Raichur Thermal Station
Design And Fabrication Of Through Circulation Dryer For Drying Of Biomass
Modelling and Simulation of Anisotropic Nanostructures
Removal Of Heavy Metal Ions – Lead Using Bagasse As Adsorbent
Manufacturing Of Synthetic Hydroxy Talcite
Effluent Treatment In Petroleum Refinery
Extraction Of Natural Dyes
Extraction Of Vineblastine Sulphate From Vinca-Rosea Plant Leaves
Micron Rating Of Wire Meshes Using Buble Point Technique
Extraction Of Oil From Rosemary Leaves
An Experimental Study On Perfumery Oil From Lemon Grass
Natural Pesticide From Custard Apple Seeds
Extraction Of Peroxidase Using Aqueous Two-Phase Systems
Biodiesel From The Byproduct Of Biopesticide From Custard Apple Seeds
Anaerobic Digestion Of Partenium To Produce Biogas
Refinements And Optimization Of Smoke Evaluation Instrument For Environmental Investigations
Dehydration Of Egg Shells
Extraction Of Furfural From Bagasse
Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Pure Liquids And Binary Liquids
Paperboard From Arecanut Husk
Production Of Biodiesel From Waste Oil
Biosorption – Optimisation Of Parameters For Lead Removal Using Asperigillus Niger

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