Scrabble high-scoring words

In Scrabble, the best words typically earn the highest score given the tiles you have and the current board layout. Here are some high-scoring words to consider:

  1. QUETZAL (16 points): A large bird native to Central and South America.
  2. ZYZZYVA (21 points): A genus of tropical American weevils.
  3. SYZYGY (21 points): An alignment of three celestial bodies, such as the sun, moon, and earth.
  4. QIVIUT (22 points): Soft wool from the undercoat of the muskox.
  5. QUIXOTRY (28 points): Foolish and impractical acts of chivalry inspired by Don Quixote.
  6. JUKEBOX (26 points): A coin-operated machine that plays music.
  7. BENZYME (23 points): An enzyme produced by living organisms.
  8. JACQUARD (29 points): A fabric woven on a loom with an intricate pattern.
  9. PIZZAZZ (35 points): Exciting or attractive qualities.
  10. SYZYGIUM (26 points): A genus of flowering plants in the myrtle family.

The value of words in Scrabble can differ depending on their placement on the board and whether they are formed or connected with premium squares such as Double or Triple Letter/Word Scores. Maintaining a balanced mix of consonants and vowels in your rack is crucial to increasing your potential for scoring points.