50 Project Topics for Chemical Engineering [Part 2]

Being a chemical engineer, your project areas can be from transforming energy, electronics, food, clothing, and paper. These production processes have positive and negative effects, so they need to consider the well-being of their workers and consumers while the process is the core content. We have collected a list of project topic ideas for you to research further to decide on your Chemical Engineering project. Here is Part 2 of the series.

Extraction Of Pectin From Orange Peels
Genome-Scale Flux Balance Metabolic Models for recombinant CHO cells
Utilization Of Waste Plastic And Rubber For Commercial Purposes
Investigation Of Growing Lysozyme Crystal By Sitting Drop And Hanging Drop Diffusion Method
Foam Fractionation Of Protein From Voluminous Lean Solution
Production Of Activated Carbon From Waste Rubber Tyres
Strategic Initiatives for R&D in the Indian Chemical Industry
Modelling adsorption and reaction of contaminants by nanoparticle-impregnated polymeric fibres
Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Pure Liquids And Binary Mixtures
Slow Release Studies On Urea Briquettes
Optimization Of Additive Sodium Sulphide To Obtain Surface Finish Within 4 Microns By Chemical Milling For Aa2219 Alloy
Evaluation On Iodine Adsorption By Synthetic Resin For Water Purification Use
Detection Of Adulteration In Edible Oils And Generation Of A Portable Domestic Kit
Detergent Powder From Paddy Husk
Efficiency Enhancement Of Solar Heater

Modelling and simulation of li-ion battery with Si/Graphite anode
Developing population balance models of the particle size distribution of polymers in a reactor
Studies On Drying Of Freshly Pressed Bricks
Manufacture Of Soaps Using Enzyme
Effect Of Acrylonitrile Content On The Properties Of Nitrile Rubber
Assaying Of Biodetergent
Extraction Of Garcinia Lipids
Protein Extraction From Agro-Waste Bagasse
Deep Learning Methods for Biomarker discovery from proteomic and metabolomic data
Extraction Of (-) Hydroxycitric Acid, Garcinol And Anthocyanin Pigments From Garcinia And Process Design
Analysis Of Moringa Oleifera Seeds According To Environmental And Commercial Views
Studies On Pulverisation Of Rice Husk
Utilization Of Sludge Gas
Colour Removal By Microbial Means

Ferrous Sulphate From Scrap Iron
Investigation On Effect Of Papain And Ascorbic Acid On E-Coli
Product On Manufacture Of Activated Carbon From Paddy Husk
Development Of A Novel Instrument For Diffusivity Measurement
Novel Approach For Management Of Domestic/Canteen Waste
Production Of Lactic Acid From Molasses
Experimental Studies On Thermal Input Flow Meter
Preliminary Studies On Regeneration Of Ferric Chloride From The Spent Etching Solution
Recovery Of Silver From Waste Photographic Fixing Solution
Process Optimisation Of Diethyl Sulfate
Design Of Crystallizer
Replicative senescence in human mesenchymal stem cells.
Impact Of Illegal Waste Disposal On Man And Environment
Vitamin B12 From Molasses Fermentation
Biosorption – A Novel Way For The Removal Of Heavy Metals
Exploration Studies For Ground Water In Bala Area
Engineering Studies On Tile And Brick Industry In And Around Dakshina Kannada District
Recovery Of Nickel From Spent Catalyst
Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Binary Liquids
Micromeritics Of Three-Phase Fluidization
To Study, The Rheological Behaviour Of Newtonian And Non-Newtonian Fluids In Capillaries And To Establish Shear Stress At Elevated Pressure

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