50 Project Topics for Chemical Engineering [Part 1]

Being a chemical engineer, your project areas can be from transforming energy, electronics, food, clothing, and paper. These production processes have positive and negative effects, so they need to consider the well-being of their workers and consumers while the process is the core content. We have collected a list of project topic ideas for you to research further to decide on your Chemical Engineering project. Here is part one of the series.

Metabolic modelling of Pre-Diabetes
Screening Of Waste Water From the Sugar Industry
Effective Utilization Of Waste Plastics In Asphalting Of Roads
Manufacture Of Fiber Board From Areca Spathe And Husk
Treatment Of Bio-Contaminated Aviation Fuel
Cotton Supported Heterotrophic Denitrification Of Nitrate-Rich Water Using Pseudomonas Stutzeri
Evaluation Of Phosphorous Content In Indian Soyabean Varieties & Its Association With Oil Characteristics
Experimental Study On Single Bubble Cap Type Distillation Column
Effect Of Heavy Metal Ions On Production
Solar Distillation
Dynamic Modeling And Simulation Of Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor
Cementitious Material From Agro-Waste And Sea Shells
Extraction Of Biodiesel From Cotton Seed Oil
Design And Fabrication Of Spring Loaded Variable Load Rotameter

Investigation On Use Of Jatropha Curcas Oil As Bio-Diesel
Determination Of Thermal Conductivity Of Pure Liquids And Binary Mixtures
Understanding electroporation using simulations
Heat Pumps For Energy Conservation In Drying
Investigation On A Natural Draft Cooling Tower
Utilization Of Plastic Waste To Overcome Environment Pollution
Production Of Activated Carbon From Coconut Shell
Research On Burning Velocities Using Shadow Photography Techniques
Modelling of a solar photocatalytic reactor using fluid flow and mass-energy conservation equations
Formulation Of Theoretical Model For Viscosity Prediction Of Binaries With Experimental Verification
Nicotinic Acid From Tobacco Waste
An Experimental Study Of Yeast Enzymes By Immobilization
Energy Exchange Effectiveness Enhancement Evaluation In A Kerosene Stove
Anodisistion Of Aluminium For Corrsion Protection

Investigation Of Desulfurization Of Diesel By Liquid-Liquid Extraction Technique For Environmental Protection
Photocatalytic Oxidation Of Organic Effluents
Glucose Syrup From Tapioca Starch
Design Of Dryer For Earthenware Products
Cementitious Material From Rice-Husk, Sea-Shells And Clay
Case Study Of Back-Up System In Praxair India Pvt Ltd
Studies On Methods Of Breaking Azeotrope
Extraction Of Antibacterial Studies Of Pharmaceutically Important Compounds Present In Turmeric, A Natural Product
Power Alchohol From Agricultural Wastes
Tartic Acid From Tamarind Leaves
Briquetted Fuel From Recycle Refuse
Transport of elastic filaments in vortical flows
Solar Pump
Alpinia Leaf Extract: A Prospective Natural Food Preservative
Citric Acid From Molasses
Adsorption Of Heavy Metals Using Sugarcane Bagasse
Studies On the Effect Of Seed Extract Of Annona Squamosa In Streptozotocin – Nicotinamide Induced Type Ii Diabetes Mellitus Rats
Autonomous Water Quality Monitoring System with Sensors for Water Quality Parameters
Mass Transfer And Kinetic Growth Studies In Denitrification Of Waste Water Using Pseudomonas Stutzeri
Novel Approach For Quality Extraction Of Asparagus Racemosus-A Valuable Medicinal Extract
On Assessing the Role of MSMEs in the Indian Chemical Industry
Oxalic Acid From Molasses

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