Google Project Technology inventions, Selected technical topics for CSE/IT

We have been publishing various Google Project topics over the years since 2010, and these specific technology topics are either directly managed services or with the backbone of Google IT services. Here is a list of projects which might be of your interest to choose a seminar tr project topic idea from them. Follow the link for detailed information and a technology walk-through.
Google Project Ara, New Modular phone, Customize your Smart phone
Google Loon (Internet from Baloon!
Google Glass
Google Hummingbird Algorithm
Google Self Driving Car
Google Native Client
Google Chrome OS
Google Cardboard, Virtual Reality in practice
Google Now
Google framework: Android for work
Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) Technology (Push notifications android)
Google Cloud Monitoring Service
Google Nova (Project Nova)
Google TV the open source Linux television
Google App Engine
Google Go Language software project
Google Android

Google Data Center, isn’t it unique?

Google Data Center inside picture
Google Data Center – image credit: Google