What is cloud computing?

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What is cloud computing?

Hello friends, this is Jerry, a fan of Cloud Computing technology and infrastructure, more over a day-to-day user of Cloud services online and offline. I joined Collegelib.com to share some of my thoughts with you all, engineers.

Here is a cloud computing architecture diagram to explain Cloud Computing technologies relating to end users, source Wikipedia.

Cloud Computing Architecture Diagram (End-user perspective)

Before I start, I would like to index all the Cloud computing resources available here.
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How to define Cloud Computing in simple language

Cloud computing is a new form of computing which is quickly gaining lots of momentum. This computing involves storing data on the server and accessing it from a remote host. The term cloud is a metaphor for the internet. The data is stored in the cloud and accessed by the users after proper authentication. This helps prevent memory problems and clears the devices from storing large amounts of data and managing this data on a particular system. The information is thus readily available and is not dependent on the machine one uses. It also helps prevent the use and trouble of having a storage device. One can easily store documents, pictures, videos and a lot more in the cloud and not worry about it. The data are managed by the organization responsible for its maintenance.

Cloud Computing FAQs

Ask me questions about anything and everything related to Cloud computing services! Cloud servers, Cloud backups, storage etc., etc. Though I will focus on answering cloud computing basics for beginners, I would be able to answer your questions related to cloud computing providers and cloud computing for small businesses. So now, ask me about Cloud Computing