Android for work platform from Google for business productivity.

Android for work framework
Google launches, Android for work! Android for work technology, brings isolation of work and personal data, that is stored in a smartphone or tablet. The technology framework is focussed on providing separation, data protection and App security.

Here are the four technology components of this Google innovation
#1. We can create work profile
On Android 5.0(Lollipop), Google utilizes SELinux and multi user support of Linux kernel. Utilizing this, the employer or corporate applications cannot access personal apps or data.
#2. Available as apps for older version of android
Android for work also comes as an app for Android version Ice cream sandwich to KitKat.
#3. Google play for work.
Organizations can deploy and manage corporate apps securely in Google play now. The complexity of distributing apps using own network and approval process for every employee can be eliminated by this.
#4. Built in productivity tools
If Microsoft Exchange and Lotus notes can cover majority of corporate email servers, this is the one spot solution. Google's Android for work, built in tools also support many other business tasks including document editing features, excel sheets and PPTs