Project Ara (Google) New Modular phone, Customize your Smartphone. Technology Seminar

Google has been renowned for taking innovative and bold steps. Project Ara is going to be one such kind of initiative once again by them and can be the best smartphone ever! This is going to be a platform where high end smartphones will be developed. The platform will open source and free. Project Ara is the pseudo name of the entire project. This open source hardware platform holds the modules of customized smart phones as per the desire of the customers. It will be capable of holding keyboards, batteries and displays of smart phones. The benefit of such technology is immense. Customers can change malfunctioned parts of mobiles from there.

This will not only provide longer life to some mobile set, but also will be a great step for saving the earth from electronic waste. The customers will be able to upgrade their devices without any trouble. Such a modular smartphone is expected to be in the public domain may be by the first half of 2015. The cost will be probably not more than 50 US Dollars. The teams at Motorola first take the initiative and after that it was sold to Lenovo but Google has kept the whole team of project Ara with them. Google knew that it is going to be a landmark project of all times.

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