FOG Computing (aka EDGE Computing) seminar abstract, report

FOG Computing Technology, a new realm into Cloud Computing

FOG Computing is an advanced or extended version of cloud computing where the computing takes place at the edge of the network. Many companies like Cisco are currently spending a lot of research on this topic.

It is similar to cloud computing but is far denser in geographical distribution and location, and its proximity to end users is more, which means they provide a faster end-user experience than cloud computing and have better performance.

Questions about its complexity, practical feasibility, cost and performance are arising in different research communities. There is also a significant concern about its reliability or durability in performing all sorts of operations performed by cloud computing systems.

Advantages of FOG/EDGE computing

FOG leverages all the advantages of the cloud but is far denser than it, with more geographical reach and cover. It spans more than a cloud on heterogeneous devices, ranging from end-users, access points, routers and switches. Information can be found from various research activities and case studies undertaken on this topic by companies and their outcomes. Additional information can be obtained from wiki pages and similar open-source repositories.

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