Google balloon (Project Loon). Internet access from balloon network

[Image: google_balloon_illustration.png]

Google has launched a network of balloons over New Zealand's south Island carrying computer networking infrastructure that can provide high speed internet access to the world's most remote regions. The project named Project Loon forming a layer 20 kilometers from the ground. Again, the Google loon algorithm determine navigation of balloons.

Project Loon works on open radio frequency bands (unlicensed spectrum) and powered by Solar energy and Wind energy. Google X engineers studied balloon science from NASA. To connect to the Google Balloon network, the client require a special internet antenna at ground. A Google Balloon can cover an area of 100s of square kilometers.

Google reveals Project Loon was an 18 months work developed in a secret Google X Lab. The Balloons is made up of filmy material and filled with inflammable Helium. Google Balloon is still in its development stage and flying 12 miles into the stratosphere. If this is successful, this technology can replace the currently existing fiber cable network.

[Image: google_balloon_RichardDeVaul.png]

Project Loon, another great innovative idea from Google after Google Glass!
Here is the official video from Google explaining the Google Loon concept

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