What is LDAC (codec) ?

LDAC stands for “Low Latency Audio Codec.” It is a proprietary audio codec technology developed by Sony. LDAC is primarily used for high-quality wireless audio streaming over Bluetooth connections.

LDAC is designed to transmit high-resolution audio content over Bluetooth with minimal loss in sound quality. It can support various bitrates, with higher bitrates offering better audio quality but also requiring more bandwidth. LDAC has several bitrate modes:

  1. 330 kbps: This mode is referred to as “Low Complexity” mode and is intended for basic audio streaming.
  2. 660 kbps: Known as the “Balanced” mode, it offers a compromise between audio quality and bandwidth usage.
  3. 990 kbps: The “High Quality” mode provides even better audio quality but requires more bandwidth.

LDAC is especially popular among audiophiles and users of high-resolution audio equipment because it allows them to enjoy high-quality audio wirelessly. However, both the transmitting and receiving devices must support LDAC for it to work, and the audio source material must also be in a compatible format to fully take advantage of LDAC’s capabilities.

It’s worth noting that LDAC is just one of several audio codecs available for Bluetooth audio streaming, and its adoption depends on the devices and manufacturers involved.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LDAC_(codec)