IoT Simulator Wokwi – For Your Electronics and Microcontroller Projects

Wokwi is an online platform that offers a virtual hardware simulation environment for electronics and microcontroller projects. Users can design, simulate and test their electronic circuits and embedded systems in a browser-based interface. The platform supports various popular microcontrollers such as Arduino, ESP32, STM32 Raspberry Pi Pico and so on.

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Users can visually create circuits, add components, and program microcontrollers. The platform provides real-time circuit simulation to ensure functionality.

Wokwi is a useful platform for individuals who are interested in electronics, including students, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. It enables them to experiment with software and hardware without the requirement of physical components in the beginning. By providing a convenient way to prototype and test electronic projects, Wokwi allows users to try out their ideas before building them in the real world.

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What is an online simulator?

In scientific and research fields, online simulators can offer virtual laboratories where experiments and simulations can be conducted without the need for physical apparatus.

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