How to make a Flowchart in Microsoft Word?

Creating a flowchart in Microsoft Word involves using shapes, lines, and connectors. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Steps to Create a Flowchart in Word:

  1. Open Microsoft Word:
    • Launch Microsoft Word on your computer.
  2. Insert a Drawing Canvas:
    • Go to the “Insert” tab in the Word ribbon.
    • Click on “Shapes” in the Illustrations group.
    • Select “New Drawing Canvas” at the bottom of the Shapes menu.
  3. Add Shapes:
    • In the Drawing Canvas, click on the “Shapes” menu again.
    • Choose a shape representing the first step in your flowchart, like a rectangle for a process.
    • Click and drag on the canvas to draw the shape.
  4. Add Text to Shapes:
    • Double-click on the shape to add text or right-click and choose “Edit Text.”
    • Enter the text for the first step.
  5. Connect Shapes:
    • Use the “Lines” or “Arrow” shapes from the “Shapes” menu to draw lines connecting the shapes.
    • Connectors automatically attach to shapes and adjust when you move them around.
  6. Add More Shapes:
    • Repeat steps 3-5 to add more shapes and connectors for each step in your flowchart.
  7. Format Shapes and Lines:
    • Click on a shape or line to select it.
    • Use the formatting options in the Drawing Tools Format tab to change colors, line styles, and more.
  8. Align and Arrange:
    • To keep your flowchart neat, use the “Align” and “Arrange” options in the Drawing Tools Format tab.
  9. Add Decision Symbols:
    • For decision points, use diamond-shaped symbols. Insert them from the Shapes menu and connect them with lines.
  10. Add Terminator and End Symbols:
    • For the start and end points, use oval shapes or other suitable symbols.
  11. Review and Edit:
    • Regularly review your flowchart to make sure it accurately represents the process.
  12. Save Your Document:
    • Save your Word document to ensure you don’t lose your work.
  13. Export (Optional):
    • If needed, you can export your flowchart as an image or another format for use in other applications.


  • Use the “Snap to Grid” option in the Drawing Tools Format tab to easily align shapes.
  • To add more shapes later, simply go back to the Shapes menu and choose the desired shape.