12 Steps for making innovative project ideas. A good plan for individual creativity

Innovation can result from an individual’s analytical thinking to solve a particular problem. Brainstorming by a group of people can bring better innovation often. Your thought for innovation is great. I agree with it and recommend it highly. Innovative project ideas result from concrete planning and a lot of thought works. Similarly, innovative software project ideas are the results of thinking about problem-solving in day-to-day life. To make an innovative idea for your project, the following points might help.

The 12 Steps of doing innovative projects.

1: Keep a notebook for writing down innovation (your innovation master book!)
2: Write down micro problems around you in real life, day to day in this book
3: Ask your near and dear one about micro tasks they do daily and write them down
4: Do out-of-the-box thinking
5: List down all ideas you get at first glance, do not ignore any ideas.
6: Make this list grow for a particular period, for a week or a month.
7: Categorize problems
8: List also how they are solved traditionally in short sentences.
9: Prioritization of the problem solution combination
10: Make sure the project idea is a micro project you can cover on your project (do not make your project scope too big)
11: Ensure you are not reinventing the wheel. (do not duplicate something)
12: Collaborate, and reply on this page with your top 10 list of ideas. We are happy to discuss further every topic you posted.

This plan applies to your new innovative ideas in electronics, computer engineering, software project, or any engineering technology branches.

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2015 January – First published

2022 July – Last updated