10 Seminar Presentation Techniques

To give a successful presentation, practice at least seven times, maintain eye contact with the audience, consider their needs, include interesting points and visual aids, modulate your voice, use cue cards, design slides intelligently, and engage the audience with interactive elements. Here are ten presentation techniques that can improve your degree final-year seminar or project presentation.

#1. Practice

Practice is the most important word here. Practice your presentation at least seven times in front of a mirror if you are a first-time presenter.

#2. Eye Contact

Have eye contact with the audience while presenting.

#3. Consider your audience, present for them

While preparing for a presentation, keep in mind the state of your audience.

#4. Include interesting points

Try including interesting points they like. For example, if your topic needs to include calculus, do not present it for the entire seminar; quickly cover it and get ahead.

#5 Example images, Videos

Provide a few examples related to your topic. Display videos (you can get many from youtube) and include images. However, keep it short and simple

#6 Voice modulation

Pay attention to your voice. It should keep on modulating depending on words. Maintaining the same pitch will make it boring.

#7. Be in touch

Keep eye contact with the audience if you are reading from a paper.

# 8. Prepare cue cards

Cue cards are cards with words written on them that help actors and speakers remember what they have to say. This helps you to place your comments and confidence.

#9. Design your slides intelligently.

Don’t put many texts on your slide. Avoid putting unnecessary images that you want to discuss. Also, avoid reading from the presentation slides. Make sure your audience reads your text first before you.

#10. Make it interactive

Make your presentation a two-way communication, ask questions to your audience, and be prepared to answer their questions.

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