Do you make these dissertation writing mistakes?

Loads of bad dissertations have been written, yet many are to be written. Some students set up their minds while writing a dissertation to come up with the worst dissertation ever written. Excellent dissertations are so rare that a dissertation of bad quality overtakes a high-quality dissertation in huge numbers.

Do you want to know how students help themselves to write bad dissertations?

Here are some dissertation writing mistakes that help students to come up with the worst dissertation of its kind:

1. Surrounding themselves with in-agreement people

Doctoral students have a habit of surrounding themselves with like-minded people who think just like them. Although this habit helps them a lot in writing a dissertation, they become deprived of the views that may stand out in their dissertation as a challenge to be accepted among the better ones; ultimately, their dissertation writing seems ordinary.

2. Selecting the topic just for them

Many students convince themselves about their chosen topic without considering recent periodicals or dissertations. Who knows if the subject that appears fascinating to them will become outdated?

3. Continuing with a broader scope and vague terms

Many students can’t keep their breadth in a wider scope of dissertation writing as they run after more than one idea to finish their dissertation as early as possible without considering the consequences.

4. Holding back the creativity by ignoring the outline

An outline serves as a road map to a dissertation, but students are used to ignoring the strategy they don’t even think to plan their dissertation writing.

5. Confining to restricted bibliography

Students appear to refer to bibliographies that support their point of view only. They ignore that the purpose of the dissertation is to study a valuable question and is not meant to prove your point of view.

6. Presuming that anything not written in English is worth nothing!

Students don’t even try to value the literature written in any language other than English which helps them write an incomplete dissertation; hence their literature review remains a mystery.

7. Declaring statements by force and not by proof

Many students don’t even think to justify their statements regarding their dissertations based on proof. They think that the way to make an impressive statement is to outcry the side of the evidence.

8. Why proofread and waste your time?

Students often prefer to cut out the proofreading that prevents their dissertation writing from being free of weak arguments, ideas, or spelling mistakes.

9. Why should the assistance of experts be taken?

It is a general observation that the students avoid taking the assistance of experts about their dissertation topics to get help from them regarding the aspects of their work.

10. Proving the point at all cost

Loads of students use fake methodologies, false evidence, and forced arguments to prove their point at all costs, whether right or wrong, which leads to their dissertations being rejected.

These are the common mistakes that engineering degree or PhD students make most of the time. Are you one of them?

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