10 Tips for your Engineering Seminar Topic Preparation and Presentation

Seminar PPT preparation is a time-consuming and necessary task. Prepare your seminar’s excellent slide presentation (Powerpoint or Google Slides). I am summarizing a few ideas for you, hope this helps for a better seminar PPT preparation.

1 Prepare a draft.

For best results and easily presentable PPT slides, it is always good to prepare a document draft. Simply open a document preparation tool like notepad and list out as many points as you can collect. (Related: Ideas for designing slides)

2 Prepare sections in slides

This is not as easy as I said! You will have to re-organize your points many times, considering all the technical aspects of the topic and the relation among them in a way the viewers can easily understand.

3 Perfectly presentable PPT.

Plan and prepare your PPT so you can present it without getting stuck in between. Demonstrate your PPT presentation in front of a mirror several times before the actual presentation.

4 Easily digestible presentation.

Section your seminar in such a way that the attendees can quickly glance at and digest it. Limit the number of slides to a minimum, say a maximum of 20 slides.

5 Make it informative and complete.

Prepare your PPT to cover the topic at a micro level. An attendee should be able to explain your “topic” after attending your seminar.

6 Provide minimum but clear information.

Always present minimum information through PPT or slide. However, it ensures that it is clear and stands on its own. At the same time, be prepared to explain any sections in the QA section of your presentation.

7 Proofreading with a peer.

Once your draft is finished, request your classmate to proofread it, you can also proofread their seminar. This will help you to prepare a better presentation since the ideas you did not cover(but you thought about it) in the PPT can confuse them, and they can point them out.

8 Focus on the content, not on appearance.

This is only my opinion that you should primarily focus on the content of your seminar, not on the appearance or formatting and colouring of the PowerPoint slide.

9 Provide a reference section for further information.

Provide links to the seminar topic-related websites you collected the data and book names you referred to, such as Collegelib.

10 Never use two words when one word can do!

Brevity is clarity. While preparing PowerPoint, consider using the best suitable word in every place in every sentence.


Seminar presentation is an essential part of your B-Tech degree. Preparation for the seminar is a time taking process, and it would be in control if you follow a process like the one we discussed in this article.

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