10 Seminar preparation tips, preparing the Slides

I summarized 10 points to make your engineering seminar PPT slides more friendly and good for the audience. Remember, the seminar slides (PowerPoint or Google Slide) are the key tool while your seminar presentation, so is familiar with its usage such as slide show, and utilize them.

While preparing PPT slides, you should consider the following important points

  1. While preparing a seminar, completely focus on the key points and the content.
  2. Practice by reading aloud, you will quickly find out if something went wrong.
  3. Use straightforward language to convey the message.
  4. Start the seminar with a catching introduction.
  5. Tell your audience why your seminar topic is interesting and important and different.
  6. Spell your words correctly, there should be no typo error.
  7. Make sure that the audience is hearing you first and then the slides.
  8. Try to make it short, interesting, and audience-oriented.
  9. Don’t spend much time on scientific points unless it is stated.
  10. Once you complete your seminar, tell all the points in a summary.

Google Slides is a recommended tool for preparing your document, which also helps you to collaborate in real-time with your batchmates.

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Good luck with your presentation!