21 Examples of Requests in a Sentence

When making a request in a sentence, begin with a polite phrase such as “Could you,” “Would you mind,” or “Please,” followed by the action you need. For example, you could say, “Could you please send me the report by tomorrow?” or “Would you mind helping me with this project?” Being polite and clear about your request helps the recipient understand and feel respected.

Requests in a Sentence, 21 Examples

  1. Could you lend me a hand with moving these furniture pieces?
  2. May I request your feedback on the latest draft of the document?
  3. Can you please forward me the meeting agenda for tomorrow?
  4. Would you mind double-checking the details before finalizing the report?
  5. I kindly ask for your support in promoting the upcoming event.
  6. Is it possible to adjust the meeting time to accommodate everyone’s schedule?
  7. Please send me the invoice for the recent services rendered.
  8. I request your consideration for a flexible work arrangement.
  9. Could you clarify the expectations for the new project?
  10. May I have your assistance in troubleshooting this technical issue?
  11. Would you be willing to share your expertise on the panel discussion?
  12. Can you provide additional information about the warranty for the product?
  13. May I request a reservation for two at your restaurant for this Friday?
  14. Could you extend the deadline for submitting the proposal?
  15. Please send me the updated version of the budget spreadsheet.
  16. I request your approval for the proposed budget allocation.
  17. Would you mind assisting me in preparing for the upcoming presentation?
  18. Can you grant me access to the shared drive for collaboration?
  19. May I have your permission to use your quote in our marketing materials?
  20. Could you please arrange a meeting with the client to discuss the project?
  21. Is it possible to expedite the delivery of the ordered items?