10 Tips for your engineering seminar topic powerpoint preparation and presentation

Seminar PPT preparation is a time consuming and necessary task, prepare an excellent powerpoint presentation for your seminar. I am summarizing a few ideas for you, hope this helps for a better seminar PPT preparation

5000++ Technical Seminar topics for Computer Science And Engineering

The most popular technical seminar topics for 2019 and for previous years. There are about 5000 unique seminar topics to choose from

Android for work platform from Google for business productivity.

Google launches, Android for work! Android for work technology, brings isolation of work and personal data, that is stored in a smartphone or tablet. The technology framework is focussed on providing separation, data protection and App security.

5G mobile internet with a broadband speed of 1Tbps! You should know about it now.

5G technology uses the SHF/Microwave communication frequency band(Super High Frequency 3-30GHz). SHF is the highest frequency band, that can be used for long distance terrestrial communication. The advantage here is, SHF can support large bandwidth, the right spot for large internet carrying channel. The wavelength of SHF is 1 to 10cm. SHF falls within microwave band.

Screen Capture / Print Screen with Snipping tool for partial screen shots

This tool capture partial screen, there is an option to select the area you want to capture at a time and it will be stored in Clip Board. This tool is very efficient to store the picture in PNG image format with a minimum file size. Try it today!

Engineering and Computer Science

What are your views while studying Computer science engineering? What are the opportunities and future growth do you see? I am asking this here, your replies would help for fresh engineering batch to chose their branches.

Linux operating system or Windows?

Are you using Linux based operating systems or Windows for your projects? There are number of Linux flavors you can choose from for your project development. Entire open world is moving on Linux, despite corporate world is on Microsoft Windows

How to do video call on Viber for project Collaboration? (Viber Video on Android)

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Raspberry Pi2 launched with Quad core processor at 800MHz and 1Gb RAM

Good news for computer or software project builders! Now Raspberry Pi 2, is available with inbuilt Linux OS support expanding its processor as Quad core, with better speed of 800MHz and double the RAM, that is 1GB (Pi1 was single core, 700MHz, 512MB)

Tablet web browser comparison 2015 (The best tablet browser for Android 2015)

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