Dropbox Cloud Computing Technology based service provider for Engineers

Do you have a DropBox account? If not is the answer, here they have announced recently one more reason to adapt dropbox, the free cloud service for your educational, file and data sharing needs.

Dropbox recently announced an enhancement in their service, which allows users to share files with others with password and expiry date. I use Dropbox for syncing my media or other type of files among many devices. My Mobile photos will be copied to my desktop (dropbox sync) as soon as I reach my home. Similarly mu documents and other files edited in my desktops or laptops are synced between, also when ever needed I share some files between my tab or laptop. All file syncing activities are taken care by Dropbox, All you need to do is to get a Dropbox account (it is FREE!) and install dropbox applications on your devices.

They also use and involved in a lot of cloud computing and related projects,
  • 2-step verification
  • 2 accounts on one computer
  • Streaming sync
  • Project Harmony
  • View-only shared folders
  • Desktop notifications
  • Single sign-on
Find more details on their official website and blog. https://tech.dropbox.com/

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I created a Dropbox Cloud account, thanks Jerry