Information technology Seminar Topics 2011

Huge list of IT seminar topics 2011
Access gateways
AC Performance Of Nanoelectronics
Adding Intelligence to Internet
Analysis on Performance of Freeware Tools
Asynchronous Chips
Autonomic Computing
Bio-Molecular Computing
Blue Tooth
Blu Ray Disc
Broad Band Over Power Line
Buffer overflow attack : A potential problem and its Implications
Cable Modems
Capability Maturity Model Programming (CMM)
Cellular Communications
Cellular Neural Network
Cellular Through Remote Control Switch
Cisco IOS Firewall
Cluster Computing
Code Division Duplexing
Compact peripheral component interconnect
Conditional Access System
corDECT Wireless in Local Loop System
Crusoe Processor
Delay Tolerant Networking
Design and Analysis of Algoritms
Designing a "hipper" network
Development of the Intenet
Digital Audio Broadcasting
Digital Subscriber Line
DNA Based Computing
Driving Optical Network Evolution
Dual Core Processor
Dynamically Reconfigurability Computing
Dynamic Cache Management Technique
Dynamic Languages
Dynamic Memory Allocation
Dynamic Synchronous Transfer Mode
Dynamic Virtual Private Network
Earth Simulator
Elastic Quotas
Embedded Technology
Ethernet Passive Optical Network
Extended Mark Up Language
Extreme Programming (XP)
Fiber Distributed Data Interface
Finite Element Interface (FEI)
Firewall Adequacy
Fluorescent Multi-layer Disc
Free Space Laser Communications
Free Space Optics
Gaming Consoles
Generic Framing Procedure
Graph Separators
Handheld Computers
High Altitude Aeronautical Platforms
High Performance DSP Architectures
Holographic Data Storage
Human Computer Interface
Hyper-Threading technology
Image Processing and Printing (With a focus on mobile and web based printing solutions)
Improving IT security
Increasing productivity with IT
Infinite Dimensional Vector Space
Innovative Application Development using J2EE Architecture
Instant Messaging
Integer Fast Fourier Transform
Integrated Voice and Data
Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
Intelligent Software Agents
Internet Access via Cable TV Network
Internet Telephony Policy in INDIA
Introduction to the Internet Protocols
Intrution Detection System
In-Vehicle Networking
Inverse Multiplexing
IP spoofing
Ipv6 - The Next Generation Protocol
Iris Scanning
Laptop Computer
Layer 3 Switching
Light emitting polymers
Light Tree
Low Power UART Design for Serial Data Communication
Migration From GSM Network To GPRS
MiniDisc system
Mobile IP
Mobile Virtual Reality Service
Modems and ISDN
Modular Computing
Money Pad, The Future Wallet
MPEG Video Compression
Multi-Core Architectures
Multimedia and Gaming
Multiterabit Networks
Neural Networks And Their Applications
On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
Open Source Applications
Optical Computer
Optical Fibre Cable
Optical Free Space Communication
Optical packet switch architectures
Optical Packet Switching Network
Optical Satellite Communication
Optical Switching
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplplexing
Ovonic Unified Memory
Parallel Computing In India
Param 10000
Pivot Vector Space Approach in Audio-Video Mixing
Planar Separators
Plastic Memory
PON Topologies
Project Oxygen
Protein Memory
QoS in Cellular Networks Based on MPT
Quadrics Interconnection Network
Quantum Cryptography
Quantum Information Technology
Radio Frequency Light Sources
Radio Network Controller
Rapid Prototyping
Real- Time Systems and Real- Time Operating Systems
Resilient Packet Ring Technology
Robotic Surgery
Satellite Radio
Securing the wireless network from unwanted exposure
Self-Managing Computing
Self Organizing Maps
Sense-Response Applications
Sensors on 3D Digitization
Setting up a LAN using Linux
Short Message Service (SMS)
Significance of real-time transport Protocol in VOIP
Smart card
Smart Cards
Smart Fabrics
Smart Note Taker
Smart Pixel Arrays
Socket Programming
Software Lifecycles
Software Support & Maintenance
Software Testing
Space Mouse
Speech Application Language Tags
Speed Detection of moving vehicle using speed cameras
SQE Best Practices
Storage Area Networks
Structured Cabling
Survivable Networks Systems
Swarm intelligence & traffic Safety
Synchronous Optical Networking
Synthetic Aperture Radar System
TCPA / Palladium
Tempest and Echelon
Terrestrial Trunked Radio
Third Generation
Touch Screens
Ubiquitous Networking
Unicode And Multilingual Computing
Unified Modeling Language (UML)
Unlicensed Mobile Access
Use of information technology for rural development
Verification & Validation
Virtual Instrumentation
Virtual keyboard
Virtual LAN Technology
Virtual Private Network
Voice morphing
Voice Over Internet Protocol
Voice Portals
Voice Quality
Wearable Bio-Sensors
Windows DNA
Wireless Application Protocol
Wireless Application Protocoll
Wireless Fidelity
Wireless Internet
Wireless Networked Digital Devices
Wireless USB
X- Internet
XML Encryption

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