CSE Seminar topics 2019, Collection of latest top 100 latest Computer technologies

64-Bit computing
Advanced machine learning techniques
Airflow - Apache
Azure Cloud computing
Bacterio-Rhodopsin Memory
Batik - Apache
Beam - Apache
Biological Computers
Biometric Voting System
Bluetooth V2.1
Broad Band Over Power Line
Chainsaw - Apache
Commons DbUtils - Apache
Commons Functor - Apache
Commons HttpClient - Apache
Commons Validator - Apache
Community Development - Apache
Compress Ant Library - Apache
Computer Forensics
Computer Memory Based on the Protein Bacterio-rhodopsin
Crunch - Apache
DeltaSpike - Apache
Digital Audio Broadcasting
Digital Cinema
Docker Technology
Driving Optical Network Evolution
DVD Technology
E-Ball Technology
Edgent (Incubating) - Apache
Etch (in the Attic) - Apache
Finger Tracking In Real Time Human Computer Interaction
Free Space Laser Communications
Free Space Optics
Gigabit Ethernet
Global Wireless E-Voting
Gobblin (Incubating) - Apache
Google Glass
Guacamole - Apache
HBase - Apache
High Performance computing with Accelerators
HttpComponents Core - Apache
Hudi (Incubating) - Apache
Human Computer Interface
Impala - Apache
Industrial Applications using Neural Networks
Internet Access via Cable TV Network
Java Servlets
Joshua - Apache
Li-Fi Technology
Location Dependent Query Processing
MADlib - Apache
Migration From GSM Network To GPRS
Money Pad, The Future Wallet
MRUnit (in the Attic) - Apache
Multiprotocol Label Switching
Omid (Incubating) - Apache
OpenMeetings - Apache
Optical Computer
Parallel Virtual Machine
Place Reminder
Rapid Prototyping
River - Apache
Seam Carving for Media Retargeting
Semantic Web
Shale (in the Attic) - Apache
Sky X Technology
Smart Memories
Software-Defined Radio
Spot (Incubating) - Apache
StanbolĀ - Apache
Subversion - Apache
Superset (Incubating) - Apache
The Tiger SHARC processor
TomEE - Apache
Tracking and Positioning of Mobiles in Telecommunication
Tuscany (in the Attic) - Apache
Voice Portals
Web 2.0
Wookie (in the Attic) - Apache
Xalan for C++ XSLT Processor - Apache
zForce Touch Screen
ZooKeeper - Apache
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