Intel Centrino Mobile Technology Seminar Report, Abstract

An introduction to Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
Intel is the worlds largest organization known for providing computing innovations. The company designs and manufactures essential technologies like processors and chipsets that serve as the base for creating computing devices. Intel Corporation has launched Intel Centrino mobile technology which usually combines wireless capability straight into the next generation of mobile personal computers that will give users more freedom to connect at new locations. Intel Centrino mobile technology is the Intel's best technology for portable mobile personal computing machines. It includes a mobile processor along with chipsets and 802.11 wireless networking capabilities that have been designed and tested to work simultaneously in the same environment.

The technology used by the Intel Centrino combines the powerful Intel Pentium M processor, the Intel 855 Chip set and the Intel PRO Wireless 2100 Network on the same device. Adding up to its wireless communication features, Intel Centrino mobile technology also includes special functions built to enable  longer battery life, thinner and light weighted notebook designs, and excellent mobile performance. The Centrino processor is designed using 0.13 micron process technology and consists of 77 million small transistors. It also holds a 400 MHz power optimized system bus, a 1 MB low power L2 cache It also includes sophisticated power gating techniques which turns off parts of the high speed memory when it's not used. This technology reduces overall device power consumption. It also extends support for enhanced Intel new Speed Step technology with multiple voltage and frequency operating points.

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