100 Seminar topics for Computer Science (Selected latest topic list 2019)

DirectMemory (in the Attic) - Apache
Windows DNA
Near Field Communication NFC
ORC - Apache
Tomcat - Apache
Storm - Apache
Local Multipoint Distribution Service
Eagle - Apache
QoS in Cellular Networks Based on MPT
Sense-Response Applications
Unsupervised learning
Google Chrome OS
Planar Separators
Digital Preservation
Steve - Apache
Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
Ubiquitous Networking
Inverse Multiplexing
Optical Satellite Communication
Optical Switching
Tephra (Incubating) - Apache
Axiom - Apache
Brain Gate
On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
Camel - Apache
Graphic processing Unit
Kylin - Apache
Intel Core I7 Processor
Virtual Instrumentation
Gesture Recognition Technology
Smart Skin for Machine Handling
Lucene.Net - Apache
Qpid - Apache
Digital Video Editing
Velocity - Apache
GSM Security And Encryption
Holographic Versatile Disc
Forrest - Apache
Xalan for Java XSLT Processor - Apache
Prescription Eyeglasses
ORO (in the Attic) - Apache
Bio-Molecular computing
Ambari - Apache
Blockchain Technology
Pervasive computing
Smart Card ID
Machine learning algorithms
Compact peripheral component interconnect
Gora - Apache
REEF - Apache
Tamper Resistance
SpamAssassin - Apache
Bio-inspired Networking
Stratos (in the Attic) - Apache
Image Processing
Skinput Technology
Wireless Internet
HAWQ - Apache
Whimsy - Apache
Commons DBCP - Apache
Amorphous computing and Swarm Intelligence
xMax Technology
Holographic Memory
Virtual keyboard
IP spoofing
Fluo - Apache
Multiterabit Networks
Aspect-oriented programming (Aop)
VXQuery - Apache
Surface Computer
PDFBox - Apache
Velocity DVSL - Apache
TCPA / Palladium
HttpComponents Client - Apache
Marvin-AI (Incubating) - Apache
BlackBerry Technology
Big Data
Integrated Voice and Data
Wireless USB
Code Division Duplexing
Laser Communications
Mesh Radio
Directory Server - Apache
Blue Tooth
Myriad (Incubating) - Apache
Lucy (in the Attic) - Apache
Sqoop - Apache
Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
Delay Tolerant Networking
Performance Testing
Websh - Apache
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