10 Data science course platforms

A data science course is designed to equip individuals like you with the knowledge and skills required to work with large and complex datasets, extract valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions. These courses typically cover a wide range of topics, including statistics, machine learning, data visualization, data manipulation, programming languages (such as Python or R), database management, and data ethics. Students learn how to collect, clean, and analyze data, as well as how to build predictive models and create data-driven solutions for real-world problems. Data science courses are available through various platforms, universities, and online learning providers, catering to learners of different levels and backgrounds. Completing a data science course can open up numerous career opportunities in fields such as data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, business analytics, and more, as data-driven decision-making becomes increasingly crucial in today’s world.

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Popular and FREE Data science course platforms

Here are some popular platforms that often provide free data science courses and majority of them offer course completion certificates:

Coursera: Coursera offers free courses from top universities and institutions, including data science-related topics. While some courses require payment for a certificate, you can often access course materials for free.

edX: Similar to Coursera, edX provides free data science courses from renowned universities and institutions. You can audit most courses at no cost.

Kaggle: Kaggle, a platform for data science and machine learning enthusiasts, offers free courses to help individuals learn essential data science skills.

DataCamp: DataCamp provides interactive data science courses, and it offers a selection of free courses for learners to get started.

IBM Cognitive Class: IBM’s Cognitive Class platform offers free data science courses, including topics like data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization.

YouTube: Many educators and data science professionals upload free tutorials and courses on YouTube, covering various data science concepts and tools.

Microsoft Learn: Microsoft Learn has free courses that cover data science and machine learning using Microsoft technologies.

Google AI: Google AI offers free courses and resources for learning data science and artificial intelligence concepts.

Python for Data Science Handbook: While not a traditional course, the Python for Data Science Handbook, available online for free, serves as an excellent resource to learn data science using Python.

Fast.ai: Fast.ai offers practical and hands-on free courses in deep learning and machine learning.

Always check the syllabus and prerequisites before enrolling in any course to ensure it meets your learning goals and level of expertise. These platforms might also have premium or paid courses that offer more extensive content or certifications, but you can find valuable free data science courses to get started with the fundamentals.