Gate Turn-Off Thyristor (GTO) Seminar Abstract, Report

Gate Turn Off Thyristor
This is a new and improved type of thyristor. It is a semiconductor device. It is known for its high power. They are very popular due to the ability of turning on and off by their lead. They are fully controllable devices. This makes them more advanced and improved compared to other thyristor. This third lead is known by the name of GATE lead. This makes this thyristor very effective. It is used in many electronic devices and are replacing other thyristors.

More About Gate Turn-Off Thyristors
These thyristors are turned on by the gate signal. The best thing about this thyristor is that it stays on even after the gate signal is desserted. To turn off the device, you need to send a gate signal again buy of negative polarity. This turn off is reached by a negative voltage. To achieve turn off effectively, these thyristors have many thyristor cells connected in parallel. The switch off time can be too long at times. This is not very desirable as you wish to have an immediate turn off after the signal is sent. To use this device safely, you need an external device to send and manage the gate signals.

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