Seminar Topics 2016, Engineering Technology Seminar topics 2015 to 2016

Let us start finding new topics coming up for seminar topics for 2016. Please suggest trending technology topics, latest innovation in technology for your branch of study

21 mistakes to avoid on a resume (Simple and effective resume preparation tips)

We must understand the relevance of a perfect resume because it is the only thing which helps us to reach the best company.

21 Techniques for preparing group discussion and personal interview

Group Discussion is a procedure where discussion of ideas and opinions to help choose the best candidate. Many people feel afraid of participating in group discussion and feel shy to share their views but it is the best way to choose the candidate who have best abilities and confidence to say what he thinks.

21 face to face interview tips and techniques

An Interview is a structured meeting between you and your future employer.Hence a candidate has 20 seconds to make a first good impression and 5 minutes to prove oneself. Interviews can be sometimes a reason for nervousness even for a good candidate.Hence being well prepared can help us give our best shot for the interview.

Sidewalk Labs, allows cities and citizens to tackle problems in real time

The announcement of Sidewalk Labs comes as the world is continuing a massive urban shift. At the same time, new technologies - including ubiquitous connectivity and sharing, the internet of things, dynamic resource management and flexible buildings and infrastructure - are emerging to allow cities and citizens to tackle problems in real time.

10 most popular and trending things in enterprise IT 2015

Let us have a look at most popular Information technology applications and trending technologies

10 practical improvements for seminar powerpoint presentation templates

Seminar PPT preparation is a time consuming and unavoidable task, prepare an excellent power point presentation for your seminar. I am summarizing a few ideas for you, hope this helps for a better seminar PPT preparation.

Online discussion Forums have positive links to well-being, research says!

They were asked a set of questions relating to their motivations for joining the discussion forum, the fulfilment of their expectations, their identification with other forum users, their satisfaction with life and their offline engagement with issues raised on the forum.

How to speak English fluently in simple ways? 21 Effective learning techniques

English is the only one common language which each person from each country speaks and understands. To stand out and make a remarkable presence or identity, it is important to speak fluently. If you don’t know or feel hesitate to talk fluent English then this article should be helping you with simple techniques to speak fluent and better English.

Come on engineers! Opportunity to participate in app creation for PMO India

PMO and Google are inviting every Indian citizen to contribute ideas for developing an app for PMO(PM office) There are number of ideas you can share in this contest, address your problems, share your imagination and creativity. Actively participate in nation building activity.