Two Factor Authentication Seminar Topic Abstract, Report

Two Factor Authentication
Method Of Authentication
The two factor authentication is a type of method used for authenticating users of the device. It is used in websites, computers and many other systems. In this method, the user is authenticated in two parts. If both the parameters are correct, the user is given further access. This authentication method is preferred in many cases because of its security. The process is done by asking the user something he is supposed to know. The cash machine is a simple example of this method of authentication.

Understanding Two Factor Authentication
In this method, the user is asked two things. This is a more secure method than having single requirement. The user is expected to know these two things. In certain cases, one of these components could be a thing which the user is supposed to have. This may be a small device like a USB stick or a card. The data on this device are used as one of the essential components. The user may also be asked something like an inseparable characteristic. For example: finger print. This is a component that is with a person at all times. The device then reads this information and tallies it with the reference in its memory. After this is matched, the system asks the further authentication.

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