Pixeom Seminar Topic Abstract, Report

Pixeom (A Cloud Device For Data Privacy)
Threw together by the storm of snooping disclosures some counter-momentums are (at long last) rising to test the acknowledged intelligence that entering the accommodation of cloud administrations requires surrendering your individual information and deserting any shred of protection all the while.

What precisely is Pixeom?
It is an individual, encoded cloud apparatus that fittings into your home Internet through Ethernet and gives distributed storage for your advanced substance without needing to experience any outside mediators and with the backing for boundless extension of said space either by tying various Pixeoms, or by connecting to extra USB hard drives such as USB SSD. Hence, Pixeom is truly required in today’s privy world.

Pixeom, a model apparatus being kick-started by sibling team Karishma and Sam Nagar, with the point of offering elective cloud benefits that do not oblige you to hand over the keys to your private information in return for a helpful computerized administration. Multiple huge name tech Goliaths have assembled enormously lucrative organizations off of offering your preferences and abhorrence to promoters. In return, Pixeom outfit you with a stage where you can impart that information in any case.

According to Nagar of Pixeom, The public cloud services are all built on the foundation of the data centre, and its a treasure trove of personal information that vulnerable to data breaches, or vulnerable to being accessed by the service providers because they create their own encryption keys which let them access your data.