Business Intelligence And Predictive Analysis, A predictive analytics white paper.

Business Intelligence And Predictive Analysis, A Predictive analytics white paper.

Business Intelligence or BI, is a new area of research where very few players in the industry offer commercial solutions and consultancy. Predictive Analysis is used with BI to provide a platform for businesses in stock markets, logistics, production and manufacturing to implement intelligent techniques in dealing with their formal problems.

There seems to be little or no knowledge in the core industry about techniques that can quickly solve real-world problems like hub location, re-location, and supply chain management with better results and more profitable solutions.

The first question that comes to mind is whether BI has benefits over others. How can these methods yield more profit and also save time? Predictive analysis helps predict these answers with greater precision and accuracy.

Adopting business intelligence and predictive analysis methods and making them a part of their automated or semi-automated decision-making systems can yield overwhelming results. These can be converted to more profits, and profits speak for themselves. A few good startups cater to this business model and provide solutions and consultancy regarding customer-specific problems. You can leverage these resources or create your R&D department.

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