Big data And Business Intelligence (BI) or Market Intelligence, an introduction

Novel Strategic Solutions – Big Data & Business Intelligence

What Do We Need To Know?

Big data is the current buzzword in the commercial and scientific industry, driving everyone crazy out of the box. As the internet is blooming with IoT, data are generated in huge volumes, and there are rising concerns about its storage, processing and usage.

What Are We Missing?

Although big data is everywhere, the knowledge of technology to make use of this data is minor or may be limited to just industrial applications. It is reserved for fewer top organizations and hasn’t been made into the mainstream where it can be helpful. Market intelligence can be used effectively by utilizing historical data and predictive analytics.

What Questions Should We Ask?

The relevant questions might be to ask researchers worldwide to develop innovative applications and strategies, not just theoretically but practically feasible. We must ask ourselves where and how we can use these methods to make our life easier. How can we make our businesses intelligent?

How Might We Get The Information We Need?

We might get information about these concepts or their applications from online resources and communities. There seem to be some startups coming up with these business models to cater to the demands of the industry in novel ways. Nature withholds knowledge that can be applied to every problem humans encounter in business or life.

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