Tsunami Warning Systems Seminar Report, Abstract

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An introduction to Tsunami Warning Systems

The tsunami warning system is required in order to detect and know a tsunami. This system helps meteorologist issue warnings in advance. This helps prevent damage to property as well as save the lives of people. This warning system comprises of many important aspects. The first aspect is the network sensors. These ensure that they are capable of detecting the tsunami beforehand. The second aspect is the communication infrastructure. This system is designed to issue timely alarms. These alarms aid the local authorities in their evacuation procedures. There are two types of tsunami warning systems. These systems are global and local. Global systems monitor the entire globe. In contrast, local systems are focused on the coastal area of a country.

The tsunami warning system is activated by seismic alerts in the sea. Once activated, the system issues alarms to the observing station. The experts then check the condition of the sea using shore based tide gauges or the DART buoys. They are used to ascertain the existence of a tsunami at certain places. The international warning systems are used generally in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, North Eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea and all other connected seas. The regional warning systems are used to determine the nearby seismic activities; this helps to determine any possible local threat of tsunami.

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Development of an operational tsunameter was an extraordinary engineering accomplishment.

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