Sensors For 3D Digitization seminar report, Abstract

Sensors For 3D Digitization (3D imaging technology), an introduction

Digital images are still pictures taken from a scene or scanned from documents such as photographs or artwork. Digital 3D imaging finds its usage in different applications such as visual communication and industrial automation. The digital imaging techniques require the integration of different sophisticated sensors. These sensors comprise the photo diodes based on integrated bi cells and the laser based position measurement sensors. The digital image is sampled and organized as a net of dots. The bits are then interpreted and read by a machine to reproduce an analog signal for display or printing. With the advent of high end digital chip integration technologies like very large scale integration various sophisticated CMOS transistor based sensors are now available for digital 3D imaging which provide a high level of accuracy.

There are different electronic sensors targeted for integration into VLSI. One such common sensor is a synchronization circuit based upon dual photocells which ensure the stability of accurate measurements in environments with varying temperature. But discrete synchronizers have posed many technical problems. Because of monolithic chip integration and fabrication technology the problem is now eliminated. Another technique is the use of smart 3D position sensors. Very large scale integration capabilities in integrated circuit design have allowed 3D imaging technology to become widely accepted in research laboratories, industries and academics.

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