E Ink ( Electrophoretic Ink ) Technology

An introduction to E Ink(Electrophoretic Ink)
E Ink Corporation has developed Electrophoric Ink is a technology. The technology has the power to mimic the presence of ink in any paper. The external light source is used to create this technology. Direct sunlight or a bulb can be examples of external light sources. This technology is used on several devices those are used by the e-readers. It is observed that it consumes a negligible amount of energy. Microcapsules have been used to develop this technology. These capsules contain a transparent fluid, several black and white tiny particles.

If we apply an electric field to these capsules, then the black and white particles will move in the opposite directions to each other because the black particles are negatively charged while the white particles are charged positively. The particles stay suspended even if the electric field does away with. If we reverse the electric field then the positions of particles are also changes respectively. These characteristics have given the opportunity to use minimal energy. If we collect a lot of microcapsules then it may create a similar display that E Ink is capable of. As we know that each micro capsules can be affected with different electric field, hence several combinations of such effect will enable us to show the black and white texts that E- Ink produces.

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