Microelectronic Pill Seminar Abstract, Report

An Introduction to Microelectronic Pill
Combination of biology and electronics has led to many new inventions. These are useful to combat deadly diseases. One such invention is microelectronic pill. This phenomenon is used to detect diseases and abnormalities in the body. This is an indigestible pill and comprises of sensors. These sensors measure various body parameters like pH of stomach acid and intestinal. There is an integrated circuit which controls the sensors. There are in all four sensors. These measure temperatures and dissolved oxygen. These sensors are mounted on top of two silicon chips. The microelectronic pill is completely harm-free to the body.

There is a radio transmitter to transmit the signals from the sensors. The data are transmitted to a nearby receiver where it is converted to the desired form for analysis. There is a chemical coating on top of the arrangement. This unit is powered by a Ag2O battery which has operating time of about 35 hours. The chip is highly adaptive in nature and can be used in various biomedical and industrial applications. These chips can be used for quick detection of complex diseases which would otherwise take a long time. Many gastrointestinal diseases can be detected using this technology. It is especially used in cases where it is not easy to get a sample for analysis.

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please send me full report on microelectronic pill.
Please send me the report on this topic.
Hi Joshi, welcome to Collegelib. We prepare only introductory notes on latest technologies, we do not prepare reports.