Data Mining In Health Care. How Data Mining promises faster, better health care?

Health care is probably the largest, at times the most expensive, business on earth. However, there are a lot of diseases and conditions that can be diagnosed even before their symptoms appear. Yes, this is possible through extensive data mining and prediction techniques, and this gives rise to an area called preventive health care.

Data mining is the science of retrieving knowledge from vast volumes of raw and uninterpretable data. These data belong to the medical records of patients, which can be quite a lot when years of data are processed. In such cases, efficient data mining techniques and knowledge discovery approaches come to the rescue.

There might be a lot of questions like where to find more information regarding them, how to find the appropriate methods, where we use them and how we use them and many more. Collegelib prepared ten articles on popular Data Mining (Data analytics, Big Data and Predictive analytic) technologies in practice.

Information is available from online sources, but you must regularly keep track of medical magazines, data mining journals, and papers to find usable information. Data mining applications cover a wide range of topics. Still, there are a few institutes where substantial research is being done, especially in the health care sector addressing long-standing issues.

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