An Introduction to Educational Data Mining, what we should know about?

An introduction to educational Data Mining, What do we need to know to start?

It aims to bring the education sector, which yields enormous volumes of data daily, into the data mining area so that this massive volume of data can be pre-processed to retrieve authentic, valuable, actionable information.

What Questions Should We Ask about Educational Data Mining?

The most outraging buzzing question would be the absence of potentially resourceful contributors. Why is it that capable people are averse to this? What are the ways in which data mining techniques would be helpful? There are also questions relating to representing the data and finally presenting them.

How Might We Get The Information We Might Need?

When many people contribute to educational content, their authenticity is at stake. This content can be labelled as data and not information. To retrieve information, an expert has to parse through all the data, using his own set of skills, and then verify its authenticity. Data mining techniques can explore data, but they always need expert advice to make the final decisions, significantly when the line between data and information is blurred.

What Is Missing from the information available for Data Mining?

The awareness among research communities and contributors to only put authentic and valuable information corresponding to educational articles, videos etc. is partially missing. There is also an absence of potential resources who can contribute valuable content online.

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