Neuro Sky Technology Seminar Report, Abstract (NeuroSky - ThinkGear Chipsets)

An introduction to Neuro Sky Technology

NeuroSky is a company which is doing pioneering work in the field of bio-sensors. The single aim of the company is to take bio-sensors out of the labs and into our daily lives. The company aims to achieve this by making the bio-sensors small, portable, fast and very simple to operate. The benefits of such a technology are immense. Imagine a scenario where an athlete can monitor every aspect of how his or her body performs during a 100 meter dash. A portable bio-sensor can help this athlete prevent injuries before they occur. It can also help him or her improve their performance by knowing when to push and when to relax. So how does NeuroSky hope to achieve this? The company is creating devices which can monitor your brain waves and provide real time input.

Since the brain is the central command of the entire body, these devices work similar to an EEG. However, by eliminating all other noises, these devices focus only on the actual brain signal. By focusing on the actual brain signal, NeuroSky has been able to create much more effective bio-sensors. The basis of such sensors is a Brain Computer Interface or BCI which converts the signals from the brain and the body into factual information. NeuroSky is working to make these devices extremely affordable and beneficial to the general public.

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hi please can you send me the documentation of neuro sky technology befor 5th of feb please
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hi can you please send me the documentation of neuro sky technology