Zenoss Core Information Technology Seminar

An introduction to Zenoss Core
Zenoss core is an open source server. It comprises many essential things in one. It is a mixture of network and server management. It provides a free platform for web interface. It allows network administrators to monitor various parameters like network availability, performance and configure the network. The platform is written mostly in Python, but some of the code is also written in Java. It is a good option for data storage on a free platform without any problem during recovery of the data. The interface provided is easy to use and understand. Zenoss core provides many features like: support for many plug-in formats, event management tools, extended Windows monitoring and so on.

The Zenoss core platform offers many of the operating system compatibilities like Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL), Debian(Ubuntu), MacOS X(Apple) and many more. This makes Zenoss Core a useful platform and is therefore widely used for network management purposes. ZenPacks provide useful plug-in architecture. This helps in extending the functionality of Zenoss Core for various other platforms. There is a Zenoss Enterprise version as well, which provides essential commercial support for more efficient work like end-user monitoring. It provides better functionality to the users. This product also has closed source vendors like BMC and Orion.