Humanoid Robot Seminar Abstract, Report

An Introduction to Humanoid Robot
Humanoid robot is a robot with human-like appearance. In the field of science and technology, this is a hot topic. For many years, scientists and technology enthusiasts have been trying various models of humanoid robots. Humanoid robot has parts resembling to humans like arms, legs, head and many more. Humanoids are useful as research tools in many areas. They can perform many functions which are difficult to perform for individuals. They are also used for entertainment purposes. They can also be trained to play sports like hockey and Ping Pong (Table Tennis). Humanoids are used in the park shows by many famous parks in the world. Humanoids can be used for space explorations and clearing debris after a calamity or disaster.

There are many such conditions where humans cannot work and humanoids can be employed to get the work done. As research and technology grows, these humanoids are getting more capable with new features. Sensors and connectivity are the two main factors that comprise these humanoids. Sensors are used to sense changes in the environment. An image sensor, for example, detects the changes in light. Connectivity is the factor that connects the machines and helps in transferring information. The use of advanced sensors and connectivity mechanism has made it possible to develop efficient humanoid robots.

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