Daknet Seminar report

Daknet is an ad hoc network uses wireless technology to provide digital connectivity.

Daknet takes advantages of the existing transportation and communication infrastructure to provide digital connectivity.

This is an internet service based on the technology from First Mile Solutions, which was spun off from an idea, known as DonkeyNet.

Real time communications need large capital investment and hence high level of user adoption to receiver costs. Technologies like store and forward or asynchronous modes of communication can be significantly lower in cost and do not necessarily sacrifice the functionality required to deliver valuable user services.
To mobilize end-user market creation, a separate organization, known as United Villages (UV), was created by the founders of FMS. The purpose behind creation of UV was to develop profit for rural internet service providers using FMS technology.

Adoption of DakNet technology will depend heavily on the usefulness and relevance of related applications and the villagers ability to use them despite low levels of education and literacy.

Since FMS and UV have made a conscious decision to focus on creating a small set of core tools instead of creating many different applications, they must indirectly support application developers or form strategic partnerships with existing application developers that have an interest in entering the market.

Notes: FMS is based in Cambridge, MA and offers its Wi-Fi based technology to the rural population in developing countries such as India and Cambodia
External References: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/freeabs_all.jsp?arnumber=1319279

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