Robot Learning, a very good book to learn Machine Learning Algorithms

Robot Learning is intended for one term advanced Machine Learning courses taken by students from different computer science research disciplines. This text has all the features of a renowned best selling text. It gives a focused introduction to the primary themes in a Robot learning course and demonstrates the relevance and practicality of various Machine Learning algorithms to a wide variety of real world applications from evolutionary techniques to reinforcement learning, classification, control, uncertainty and many other important fields.

Salient features:-
Comprehensive coverage of Evolutionary Techniques
Reinforcement Learning and Uncertainty.
Precise mathematical language used without excessive formalism and abstraction.
Included applications demonstrate the utility of the subject in terms of real-world problems.
A separate chapter on Anticipatory mechanisms of human sensory motor coordination and biped locomotion.

A Collection of most recent research on Robot Learning.

Source: ISBN 978-953-307-104-6
Publisher: Sciyo, Chapters