Smart Skin For Machine Handling seminar report, abstract

Smart Skin For Machine Handling, Abstract
Smart skin is a new technology used in industrial engineering for sensing and control of electronic and mechanical appliances. This technology has enabled new opportunities in industrial automation with a potentially very wide impact. Many applications which are not feasible for mankind today can be realized using smart skin technology. Smart skin can handle specific machines ranging from medical science and biology to the machine industry and defense. The applications of smart skin in machines include smart human skin or wearable skin which can be tied to the body like a shirt. This can help bedridden people or people with disabilities for overall monitoring and to prevent wounded sores. This technology can make machines work successfully in a complex environment.

Machines can interact with humans with the help of smart machines along with contact sensors and can respond to human touch. Machines will be able to protect themselves and also the human masses against natural disasters. It can help the vehicles to move easily in a crowded road. Smart skin for machines will allow us to accomplish our vision for machines which are sensitive to their surroundings and operating in amorphous environment. Several applications that smart skin devices will make possible in the near future are however far from prediction now.

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