Robotics, an introduction

An introduction to robotics, a very good topic for Seminar
Robotics is a field of science which deals with design, construction and operation of robots. This branch of engineering includes the working of computer systems, which are in use to control robots. Computer systems are in use for obtaining and processing the information collected from the sensory parts of the robot. Most robots are made by taking inspiration from nature in their design and functionality and have a job to take place of humans in unsafe environments or the manufacturing sector. The term robotics come from the word robot which was introduced for the first time by a Czech writer Karel Capek in 1920.

In short a robot is a mechanical system of sensors, power supply and control systems for movement and operation. Software binds the working of a robot and presents the data and controls on a visual platform for a human to operate. In spite of a lot of development has taken place in this hybrid field of science and engineering robots still don't find a place in our house, primarily because of their costs. There are some laws which one should keep while designing a robot: A robot shall never harm a human by action or inaction, a robot should obey the orders of a human, expect when the first law is in contradiction.

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