Chrominance, broadcasting technology Seminar abstract, report

Chrominance or chroma is the signal used in broadcasting that determines the hue and saturation of an image but not the brightness. Brightness are represented by Luma, which is the black and white portion of the image. Chrominance is broadcasted separately from Luma and is represented by 2 components- U and V. U is blue minus Luma and V are red minus Luma. Both these components have various phases and amplitudes. In video broadcast signals, the U and V components modulate a subcarrier signal referred to as Chrominance signal. The combination of Chrominance and Luma signals generate the full color image.

Segregating RGB signals into Chroma and Luma allows separate bandwidth allocation for each signal. The concept of segregation of Chroma and Luma originated with Georges Valensi, who in 1938 patented this idea. His concept stated broadcasting two different signals, one with color and the other with brightness and contrast. These two signals were then to be displayed as a single output on television sets. With the advent of technology, this concept has developed to greater levels. Digital videos and still photography use a Chroma and Luma decomposition. It enables better compression and therefore reduced file size. JPEG standards use such decompression of Chroma and Luma signals.

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