Azure Service Bus (Cloud-Based Messaging System) Seminar Abstract, Report

Azure Service Bus, Cloud Computing Technology From Microsoft
Azure Service Bus is a new and amazing Microsoft technology. It is a cloud based messaging service. With this service, you can connect a variety of devices to the cloud. These include phones, tablets and even household appliances. You can also connect applications and services. This makes it easy to use the cloud resources effectively. You can build excellent cloud applications which can meet your demands. This is a very powerful platform. It gives rise to many possibilities. This service runs anywhere and can connect everything.

Functional Diagram of Azure Service Bus
[Image: Azure_Service_Bus_Messaging_functional_diagram.jpg]

Advantages Of Azure Service Bus
This Azure Bus lets you scale your applications efficiently. It has an asynchronous message delivery function. This makes the applications scalable and reliant. You can integrate various Azure products like Azure websites, Azure Storage and so on. This gives an uninterrupted and smooth experience. The messages on this service are easy to manage. It supports many standard protocols like REST, AMQP and many more. You can also connect on-premise devices to the outside world. Thus, it allows people to start their own internet of things. This can be achieved with the help of Service Bus Relay. With this service, systems can access the web services from any part of the world.

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Highly recommend this topic, Azure Service Bus. Collegelib team is also preparing an article on Google Cloud Messaging.

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